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Accounting P1 November 2021 – VirtualX MasterClass | Complete Course

Mr N. Phungula
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Accounting P1 2021

Accounting P1 | November 2021 | Revision – VirtualX MasterClass Series | Episodes


Course Description:

Master Financial Skills: Dive into the essential principles of accounting with “Accounting P1 | November 2021 – VirtualX MasterClass.” This module is designed to equip Grade 12 students with vital techniques for mastering financial statements, net profit adjustments, share capital insights, and strategic financial decisions. By breaking down complex topics into manageable concepts, the course ensures learners not only understand but also apply these critical accounting skills in real-world scenarios. From preparing financial statements to making informed financial decisions, this course is your gateway to achieving excellence in the accounting field.


Course Highlights:

  • Understanding Financial Statements: Learn the importance of the statement of financial position and how to prepare it accurately.
  • Inventory Valuation Mastery: Master the FIFO method for precise calculation of closing stock values.
  • Net Profit Adjustments: Gain expertise in adjusting net profit after tax, considering factors like prepaid expenses and interest on loans.
  • Share Capital Insights: Understand the intricacies of issuing and repurchasing shares, and their impact on cash flow statements.
  • Financial Indicators Analysis: Develop skills to calculate and interpret key financial indicators such as dividends per share and return on average shareholders’ equity.
  • Strategic Financial Decisions: Explore the impact of financial strategies like repaying loans and increasing share capital on business operations.


Course Objectives: By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Perform precise financial calculations that reflect the economic activities of a business.
  • Prepare and interpret cash flow statements to assess the financial health of a business.
  • Utilize financial data to support business decision-making processes effectively.


What You Will Learn:

  • Financial Calculations: Techniques to compute key financial indicators and their implications on business performance.
  • Cash Flow Analysis: Skills in crafting detailed cash flow statements and interpreting their components.
  • Decision-Making Tools: Methods to analyze financial data to support strategic business decisions.


Course Outcome: Students will gain a thorough understanding of financial indicators and cash flow management, equipping them with the knowledge to effectively analyze and improve business operations.

Accounting P1 | November 2021 – VirtualX MasterClass | Course Module 1
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