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Accounting P2 | November 2021 | Revision – VirtualX MasterClass Series | Episodes

Mr N. Phungula
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Accounting P2 2021

Accounting P2 | November 2021 | Revision – VirtualX MasterClass Series | Episodes


Navigate Financial Skills: Dive into the world of advanced accounting with “Accounting P2 | November 2021 – VirtualX MasterClass.” This course module equips Grade 12 students with essential techniques for mastering debtors reconciliation, taxes control accounts, cost accounting, and cash flow management. By focusing on practical applications and real-world scenarios, the course ensures learners not only understand but also apply these foundational concepts effectively.


Course Highlights:

  • Debtors Reconciliation: Learn to manage debtors, ensure accuracy in accounts, and master the reconciliation process.
  • Taxes Control Account: Acquire skills to reconcile errors and omissions, calculate correct balances, and understand their impact on financial records.
  • Cost Accounting: Master the preparation and correction of production cost statements and the allocation of expenses.
  • Raw Materials Control: Discover strategies for managing raw materials, calculating missing and wasted materials, and improving efficiency.
  • Break-Even Analysis: Develop skills to calculate the break-even point and understand its critical impact on business decision-making.
  • Cash Budgeting: Learn to construct detailed cash budgets and manage financial health effectively.
  • Financial Management: Explore the complexities of financial management, focusing on budget analysis and strategic decision-making.


Course Objectives:

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Perform precise financial calculations that reflect the economic activities of a business.
  • Prepare and interpret cash flow statements to assess the financial health of a business.
  • Utilize financial data to support business decision-making processes effectively.


What You Will Learn:

  • Debtors Reconciliation: Techniques to manage and reconcile debtor accounts accurately.
  • Taxes Control Account: Methods for reconciling and correcting taxes control accounts.
  • Cost Accounting: Skills to prepare and correct cost and income statements.
  • Raw Materials Control: Strategies for effective management and control of raw materials.
  • Break-Even Analysis: Techniques to calculate break-even points and their business implications.
  • Cash Budgeting: Methods to construct and analyze detailed cash budgets.
  • Financial Management: Tools for budget analysis and strategic financial decision-making.


Course Outcome:

Students will gain a thorough understanding of financial indicators, cost accounting, and cash flow management, equipping them with the knowledge to effectively analyze and improve business operations.

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