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Sponsorship Programme

Sponsored Students

Premium Plan
R 9000
00 /mo
  • 50 Seats
  • Premium Access
  • All Course Modules
  • Premium Support

Sponsored Schools

Unlimited Plan
R 15000
00 /mo
  • Smart TV Streaming App
  • Unlimited Access
  • All Course Series
  • Unlimited Support

Sponsored Plus

Advanced Plan
R 18000
00 /mo
  • Smart TV Streaming App
  • Premium Access
  • 100 Seats
  • Premium Support

What We Do

Accelerating the adoption of digital transformation and curriculum innovation frameworks in education: Making innovation a structured, scalable, repeatable and predictable part of new learning models driven by emerging technologies in schools.

Curriculum Innovation

Developing innovative ideas and transforming them into successful new solutions for a better tomorrow.

Bridging Inequality Gaps

Providing virtual classrooms in schools to assist learners who do not have access to internet-enabled devices in their homes.

public-private partnership

Commitment towards an evidence-based approach to empowerment and socio-economic impact programmes.

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